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  • 1 The Very Best Paid Writing Sites Online
    • 1.1 1) Upwork — The World’s Largest Freelancer Marketplace
    • 1.2 2) Scripted — Premium Writing Website for Business Clients
    • 1.3 3) Zerys — A Hidden Gem for Quick Writers
    • 1.4 4) Ebyline — Best Kept Secret for Published Writers
    • 1.5 6) iWriter
    • 1.6 7) HireWriters — Should You Only Need a Few Bucks
    • 1.7 8) CopyPress — A Possible”Rabbit in a Hat”
    • 1.8 9) Great Content — Best Kept Secret for UK Writers
    • 1.9 10) Writer Access — A Content Mill for American Writers

The best freelance writers earn $5,000 to $15,000 per month or their work.

Many earn without struggling too much.

However, these earnings are only possible if you know where to have the right customers.

Since we have some expert freelance writers that bring about Elite Personal Finance, we’re likely to have a more private approach towards evaluating the best 10 best paying writing sites. The information you’re getting comes from real experiences so you are going to actually have an idea on what it’s like to operate at these composing sites.

The Best Paid Writing Sites Online

Then these are the sites you’ll want to check out to kickstart your journey, if you are going to begin writing online for cash. However, recall , you don’t wish to adhere to writing job sites eternally. You also need to focus on learning ways to have corporate customers directly so that you can bank more and not have to pursue work all the time.

Without further ado, here is our choice for the best 10 paid writing sites on the Web!

1) Upwork — The World’s Largest Freelancer Marketplace

Becoming a freelancer could not be any simpler in the digital age of today. The Upwork platform makes for every person to capitalize on the chance to work online. This site is bigger than ever, thanks to the merger which occurred between oDesk and eLance a couple of years ago. The byproduct was a business which anticipates $ 6 billion in freelancer revenues by 2020, a company with $ 1 billion of freelancer earnings in 2014, and also Upwork.

What Makes Upwork Great for Writers?

Hands down, it is by far the website for customers and salespeople. There are around 13 million members in total, which means pairing top notch services and corporate clients is simple. Consequently, you’ve got room for growth if you’re able to build your opinions — and it’s not some exclusive writing project board, when you choose writing tasks here you make them through your proposal.

You can pull assignments that pay as much as five cents per word by conveying yourself well. After reading their job posting this is the initial, where you attach your bid for your 26, and it’s also.

In case you have an internet authorship footprint, you can enlarge your earnings dramatically by utilizing it. By way of instance, if you have publishing access on Huffington Post that you could easily make $200 or just for submitting a guest article. Add the cost of your writing and you’re going to manage to earn $300 to $400 off each post you write. These bad boys just require two or one hour to make, which means there is enormous profit potential here!

Begin dressing on your Upwork profile with your post encounter. Take it a step farther and also reach out to midsize search engine optimization companies to find out whether they’re interested in cooperating with you. The backlink that websites can earn through your guest post accessibility is worth its weight in gold. It may raise the site’s search engine positions within a week; you would be astonished just how many $200+ articles you are able to compose for customers online.

What We Don’t Like About Upwork

This website has saved many of us authors when our personal customers went amiss. Upwork has never really let down us. It’s a market controlled by support vs. demand, and they have the market cornered so the vast majority of respectable jobs flow this manner.

Upwork is your place to do it if you are going to take care of your clients privately. However, you’re going to need to learn about a few weak areas you may not enjoy…

  • At June 2016, Upwork’s fee structure has changed. The first $500 transacted using a customer is charged a 20% fee. Between $500 and $9,999 means a fee. Should you manage over $10,000 with the same client, then you go down to paying a 5 percent commission. So at the cost of $50 per client to start, you can potentially save thousands in the future if you lock someone on a full-time basis.
  • Obtaining a full time contract on Upwork shouldn’t be your end goal. Even after $10,000 of payments, losing 5 percent to the website isn’t reasonable after so long. You should want to attract name recognition and land private clients out of the Upwork system; if it’s possible to work directly with a client, payment processors like Stripe make it feasible to invoice, receive credit card payments and receive cash in your bank. Don’t restrict yourself, particularly if it restricts your income too!
  • You will find yourself writing a reasonable number of job proposals in the first few months. The fact is that clients have a tendency to choose the users away. But after you choose on a few lower-paying assignments and your Job Success Score increases, you will have more chance.
  • About this Job Success score… it is simple to have a perfect score if you’ve got one happy customer you always deal with, but if you choose 50 assignments a month as well as 1 or 2 wind up miserable, you’ll watch that score go down pretty quickly!
  • There is no absence of transparency in client-freelancer relations on here. It is possible to make it so that your profile just shows your first name and the first initial of your last name. However, as soon as you reach out to a customer your full name will show. This is also what shows up if they get invoiced from Upwork; around the reverse side, in case you need’evidence of income’ they even put your address so that it work for you.

All things said, you need access to the pool of ready-to-pay customers that Upwork possesses. As such, you will need to grow your freelancer profile Upwork so you can stand a chance to land great jobs as they come. Then keep an eye on the most recent job postings (and consider placing up job alerts) to find high-paying projects as they get published.

If you’ve got no paying work elsewhere, you may also find writing jobs fairly quickly on here. If you need the money instantly, nevertheless, their 6 day clearing procedure might leave you frustrated.

2) Scripted — Premium Writing Site for Corporate Clients

Alright, you have instant access to corporate clients that pay around ten cents per word but the catch is you need to get accepted as a Scripted writer first.

Why Scripted is your Best Pure Writing Website

This is a super hot site!

They get contracts from big name companies such as eBay, Sportchek, and Wal-Mart on a regular basis. If you wish to develop your writing resume — this post will provide you experience like no other. And at times there’ll be enough work to keep you occupied and earning $5,000 or more in a single month. Nevertheless, it is not all lollipops and rainbows — they run through dry patches in which their 80,000+ authors have nothing to do sometimes.

But even this one stage of weakness is taking a turn for the better. The web site was redesigned in the past year and recognized as a location for corporate customers to find corporate quality authors. Clients can now message authors when missions first begin, writers can custom set their rates and take independently asked assignments, and clients can search the database for writers better now.

What’s more, under the new platform there’s a Topic Marketplace feature. This can be a place for clients to browse article concessions, and they can dictate the post and get it composed by the pitch creator, if they like any. You are able to submit a bunch of pitches and sit back and await high-paying work to flow your way; you’re even able to set the speed to anything you would like it to be for the post you’re pitching!

If you are a networker, make the most of the $50 referral bonus. You’ll get this much in a one-off payment for each customer and/or freelancer which transacts $1,000 after joining the site via you. It’s a terrific way to build your profits up much more.

If you become a top-rated service supplier, the website will even guarantee your service. Without taking it out of your 22, this implies, if a client is unhappy, they will pay for the refund cost. This is one of the few ways Upwork shows they genuinely care about their customers (and salespeople ).

The Downfalls of Being a Scripted Writer

If you make yourself a regular on this site, there are a number of points that are weak you will notice pretty quickly. They are as follows:

  • A great deal of the time there aren’t any jobs available.
  • You want to become a Specialist (not hard) to find access to many of the tasks
  • The editors really are a mixed bag. They have paid and while there are often some issues you find communication from them. If you want to know if your abilities are improving, it’s Ideal to ask your account manager

On the reverse side, even if your’opinions’ rating goes down you will still have access that everybody else sees. You’re also able to submit post ideas. If you would like to construct your feedback upward, begin by suggesting posts you would be interesting in composing as these are likely to get assessed better.

Additional in May 2016 an affiliate program was rolled out by them. You can earn $100. They all need to do is sign up for a free trial deal, which can be canceled at no cost at any time. This is a bonus to rake .

3) Zerys — A Hidden Gem for Quick Writers

Zerys is a writing website that many freelancers have not heard of before. Nevertheless they have clients that visit them . And there are even some Zerys writers currently earning $1,000’s per month on here.

Why Aren’t More Writers on Zerys?

The stark reality is many freelance writers have tried their luck at Zerys and they were not pleased. It seems you want to get logged in before you find any duties, and checking the work board for a couple hours or days. Then because your score dictates which tasks show for you, you have to get excellent feedback straight away.

There are many more jobs than you visit. They let you look at who maintained what, and if you check yourself so there’s a job or you will observe every couple of seconds. All these are that new writers don’t have access to.

Should you establish yourself You’ll come across some opportunities that are earning. They let you set your own speed, and many top-level clients begin at paying at least 7 cents a term so there’s definitely room for growth. Further, you have the potential to gain editing assignments that pay very well if your writing comments holds strong for a short time.

Yes, Zerys is certainly a hidden gem. You’re going to want to attempt to construct an active profile here. They can send you emails about the latest jobs posted and their pay range — at whatever frequency you wish to set after you do. You could grab anywhere from $100’s to $1,000’s in work every month on here, and also the ordinary mission pay rate is 2 to 4 cents per word. So it is a decent paid composing site to fall back on if you don’t have any luck elsewhere.

4) Ebyline — Best Kept Secret for Published Writers

Can you have articles you authored on the internet on your name? Are any of them for sites that are high-level? In that case, you can build up a credible profile on Ebyline really fast. This can get you access to a lot of jobs that cover up to $500 per article from big name customers like eBay and The Miami Herald. You get to maintain that your byline after the fact, which means you may throw large corporations onto your writing restart.

How to Create the Best Writing at Ebyline

For many Ebyline writers, the bread and butter assignments cover around 5 to 6 cents per word. These are writing assignments that are fundamental, like creating this example 5 eBay post. It is super simple and you are able to produce a 4,000 per month off these assignments.

Ebyline also tends to get more writing assignments at any given period than Scripted. However, these jobs are assigned in bulk generally, so you’ve got to be devoted for them to get to writing.

The best thing about composing on Ebyline is the fact that their editors truly care. You will be able to receive answers that are useful and fast all of the time. Your account manager will also have the ability to assist you if the editor cannot. They’re open to creative criticism — at times, your feedback might create change for the customer and they are willing to relay prospective benefiting strategies if suggested.

You will truly feel if you make yourself a regular Ebyline writer appreciated. But, again, they search for that authorship background as a means to qualify their writers. Then you may be one of those 2,000+ Ebyline Approved writers and you will gain access to this post tasks — not the normal assignments.

6) iWriter

The Problems with Working in iWriter

The biggest flaw with iWriter is actually false advertising — writers are tricked by them into doing more work to become’Elite Plus’ by showing job postings in this 32, ranked. As soon as you perform the 40 posts you need, without dropping under 4.85 out of 5, you will be able to see all the available Elite Plus tasks. There are not any worth carrying the site isn’t quite as good as it may seem, although sometimes there are heaps.

But, you can still grab a number of’Elite’ level missions on here. An Elite writer only needs a 4.6 rating, which is easier to sustain — yet another issue with this website, clients like to complain and leave poor feedback all the time. As you detect them but if you are at an Elite writer, you can catch jobs with high approval ratings.

In the end, you’ll struggle to make greater than $500 a month. As they want you to finish 1 article at a time, you can not plan ahead. If you are fortunate, you are going to evaluate Status or a Tweet writing an hour’s work. Or, you are going to pick up a post that pays $75 or so for about an hour of writing.

Unless you’ve got no leads elsewhere but you shouldn’t be keeping your eyes. Keep chasing project opportunities by proposing to new client’s postings as you see fit. Meanwhile, fall back on material mills like TextBroker and iWriter but only if you absolutely don’t have any other job to do!

7) HireWriters — If You Just Need a Few Bucks

Hire Writers is a site filled with writers and quality customers. There are only a few true expert writers who even bother using this website. Yet, they are very popular that their way is flowed by orders from clients at times. For their busy authors, this creates the strange assignment that pays two to three cents a word and also some Facebook statuses and Twitter tweets that pay around $1 each.

What Can You Produce

You should not be expecting to make much on here. The point is to complete it since most are straightforward blog posts for SEO purposes if you take an assignment. You have to avoid the assignments that arrive with instructions. And because you can see the client’s approval rating, be sure to avoid anybody who appears to reject work.

Should you do it correctly, and if you type quickly, you can produce some money on here. Should you devote a complete day on it, it is rather simple to make $25 to $75 at a week. But this clearly does not cover the bills and its borderline paid wages to polls. So you are going to need to step rather than getting bogged down by all the jobs you’re able to choose here.

But since it’s a company and because you’ll get paid if you do the job, we do. In reality, we suggest writers with no experience, and people with English language problems, begin here in order to build their portfolio and to gain some writing expertise.

8) CopyPress — A Potential”Rabbit in a Hat”

Should you chance to have publications on the internet under your title, then excelling in the CopyPress platform will be easy. Get certified by their criteria in order to show up in their freelancer database and you just need to do a number of the evaluations. Then you are marketed directly to unlimited company clients; if you have something unique to offer, this may create jobs that cover upwards of $100 a page for blog article writing.

Why CopyPress is So Different

There are several writing opportunities that are unique through CopyPress. But they don’t work like a content mill website and many get confused when signing up here. They scout for great writing ability and match people to the contracts. It’s not merely an issue of throwing work in front of authors — they actually do want their customers to be as fulfilled as possible.

So it’s not a community for writers, but also a paid writing website. Therefore, if you’re active on their network you can construct your presence farther; quality matches for new assignments, and those who are active, will get screened to see if they ought to be matched with the customer.

There are several writers that have gotten paired with corporate customers, and they make $20 to $60 an hour easily. It’s free to join and you don’t need to be busy in case you don’t want to; just keep your eye on your emails in case they ship a screening invitation, since there a few new ones every month shipped out!

9) Great Content — Best Kept Secret for UK Writers

If you’re from the uk and you are seeking to make money writing online, be certain that you link here. They get missions from corporate-level clients such as Gumtree, TripAdvisor, and etc.. You will get paid upwards of 10 cents per session for producing product and city descriptions. This is the bulk of their work at the instant; there are lots of writing tasks, if you’re top-rated.

Why Great Content Might Not Be Great for You

However, if you are not a British English writer it is best to avoid this place. You are going to find a few of your posts and you might earn a couple of hundred dollars. But there’s a great chance you will drop as they are highly targeted towards UK English without warning. This is because the majority of their customers are companies in the united kingdom.

Note: Even though caters to American authors and customers, they nevertheless have a far larger name in the UK and their work load reflects this. You may want to produce an account if you’re not in the united kingdom, so you can watch out for a massive influx of writing projects. But don’t waste too much time seeking to make before there’s a chance for things to get better, customers happy as you destroy your score and standing with the business.

10) Writer accessibility — A Content Mill for American Writers

If you’re in the USA and looking for internet composing work, you’re able to combine Writer accessibility which gives you access to a lot of simple assignments. The site compensates you anywhere from 1 to 5 cents per word depending on your ranking along with the project demands.

Writer Access is an American author’s dream!

There’s a number of jobs available on Writer accessibility, especially if you achieve a 5-star score that gets you a 5 cent per word valuation.

It’s not feasible for everybody, but Americans looking for an alternate content mill (rather than iWriter or even TextBroker) should think about applying at Writer Access. The work is dull, but there a lot of it. Should you have to scrape bill money together while waiting for your dream client(s), this place will keep you content — no pun intended!

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