Finest Identity Theft Safety Strategies for Children 2019

It is imperative to guard your children. Since there’s nothing on their credit file 14, They’re the target. So if your kid’s information is got by a fraudster, it’s simple to set up a bunch of loans and credit cards in their name.

Seriously, roughly 1 in 10 children have their identity stolen every year. This is an alarming statistic and sufficient motive in-and-of itself to contemplate paid ID coverage.

We plan to detail the three best identity theft companies for children. However, first, here is how they compare:

Honorable mention: ProtectMyID (from Experian)they simply failed to make the cut due to a recent rash of complaints against them. There have been a lot of reports. The biggest recurring problem with their service is the lack of real time monitoring.

1. IdentityProtect — Effective Security, together with Steep Discounts for Families!

IdentityProtect After Login Screen

This really is a CSID-based identity theft defense firm. CSID provides identity security services to businesses and people. They also provide white-label ID protection solutions to identity theft protection businesses. IdentityProtect is one of the very best reviewed ones, and one of these as well.

IdentityProtect Plans and Pricing

IdentityProtect Plans with Monthly Pricing

There are three distinct monthly protection bundles provided by Identity: Standard, Advantage, and Ultimate. Here is how they cost out:

  • IdentityProtect Standard costs $9.16 per month / $109.89 a year
  • IdentityProtect Edge costs $18.32 a month / $219.89 annually
  • IdentityProtect Ultimate prices $27.45 a month / $329.89 annually

What Features Does IdentityProtect Include?

For adult protection, you’ll get the next in IdentityProtect Standard:

  • Tri-bureau credit monitoring,
  • Dark Internet hunts,
  • Address change alerts,
  • ID recovery assistance, and,
  • A reduction protection guarantee.

The amount of the reduction protection guarantee varies depending on the plan you get. It is $25,000 for Advantage $10,000 for Standard, and $ 1 million to Ultimate.

Should you update to IdentityProtect Advantage, you’ll also receive:

  • TransUnion credit score tracking,
  • TransUnion credit report access, and,
  • Password protection.

If you do the full upgrade and proceed with IdentityProtect Ultimate instead, you’ll get everything in the preceding two lists and:

  • Free protection to your partner and kids,
  • Social media site tracking,
  • Bank and investment accounts tracking,
  • Reduced pre-approved credit provides,
  • Court and criminal record scanning, and,
  • A TransUnion-powered’What If’ credit score simulator.

Those that have children protected through IdentityProtect will have the security of knowing their child’s credit report is becoming watched carefully. You’ll be notified if any entries show up at all and they’ll guide you through taking action contrary to the fraud.

The thing that makes IdentityProtect especially perfect for protecting your child’s individuality is your social networking website monitoring tool. This is quite powerful since it grabs exposed safety vulnerabilities and personal information within your child’s social networking accounts. As this is one of the main areas where fraudsters steal data, it is an enormous plus.

Total, IdentityProtect has been reported to be a premium grade ID protection company. They offer excellent services for members and their children’s protection is just as good. If you’re searching for a complete household ID theft protection plan and you don’t wish to spend a whole lot, that is certainly the place you need to be!

2) LifeLock — The Highest Quality Protection on Earth!

For the ones that want the utmost protection, heading with LifeLock is a no-brainer. It’s just tough to cough up the upwards of $29.99 per month per adult and then another $5.99 per kid. This would make a family of four cost over $70 a month to get ID security, which is unquestionably a lot.

But their services would be the finest around and there is a noticeable difference between what LifeLock does and what the rest do. If you’re ready to pay the excess it will be worth it in the long run. It’s clear if your budget is lower and Identity and IdentityProtect Force are equally alternatives that are legitimate.

LifeLock Plans and Pricing

There are three different adult plans (Standard, Advantage and Ultimate Plus) and a single kid program (Junior) that are available. This is how they price out:

  • LifeLock Standard costs $9.99 per month / $109.89 annually
  • LifeLock Advantage prices $19.99 per month / $219.89 annually
  • LifeLock Ultimate Plus costs $29.99 per month / $329.89 a year
  • LifeLock Junior costs $5.99 a month / $65.99 annually

What Features Does LifeLock Include?

LifeLock Standard has the following attributes available to you:

  • Up to $25,000 Stolen Funds Reimbursement
  • Million Dollar Protection Package
    • Up to $25,000 Stolen Funds Reimbursement
    • Up to $25,000 Personal Expense Compensation
    • Up to $1 Million Coverage for Lawyers and Experts
  • U.S.-Based Restoration Team
  • SSN and Credit Alerts
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • Address Change Verification
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • LifeLock Privacy Monitor
  • One Bureau Credit Tracking:

If you update to LifeLock Advantage, you’ll enjoy the following additional features:

  • Up to $100,000 Stolen Funds Reimbursement

    Credit Tracking:

    • Bank & Credit Card Activity Alerts
    • Alerts on Crimes on Your Title
    • Million Dollar Protection Package
      • Up to $100,000 Stolen Funds Reimbursement
      • Up to $100,000 Personal Expense Compensation
      • Up to $1 Million Coverage for Lawyers and Experts
    • U.S.-Based Restoration Team
    • SSN and Credit Alerts
    • Lost Wallet Protection
    • Address Change Verification
    • Dark Internet Tracking
    • LifeLock Privacy Monitor
    • One Bureau Credit Monitoring
    • Bank & Credit Card Activity Alerts
    • Alerts on Crimes Committed On Your Name
    • Data Breach Notifications
    • Fictitious Identity Monitoring
    • One Bureau Annual Credit Report & Score:
    • The credit score provided is a VantageScore 3.0 credit score according to Equifax data. Third parties therefore are very likely to utilize a kind of credit score to assess your creditworthiness and also utilize many different kinds of credit scores.

If you do the full upgrade to LifeLock Ultimate Plus, you will also get:

    • Up to $1 Million Stolen Funds Reimbursement

    Pick Ultimate Plus

    • Have a 401(k)
    • Have higher net worth
    • Wish to check three-bureau credit scores annually
    • Million Dollar Protection Package
      • Up to $1 MillionStolen Funds Reimbursement
      • Up to $1 MillionPersonal Expense Compensation
      • Up to $1 MillionCoverage for Lawyers and Experts
    • U.S.-Based Restoration Team
    • SSN and Charge Alerts
    • Missing Wallet Protection
    • Address Change Verification
    • Dark Web Monitoring
    • LifeLock Privacy Monitor
    • Three Bureaus Credit Monitoring
    • Bank & Credit Card Activity Alerts
    • Alerts on Crimes Committed On Your Name
    • Data Breach Notifications
    • Fictitious Payment Tracking
    • Three Bureaus Annual Credit Reports & Scores
      The credit scores supplied are VantageScore 3.0 credit scores based on information from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion respectively. Parties are likely to use a kind of credit score to evaluate your creditworthiness and utilize many different types of credit scores.
    • Monthly One Bureau Credit score Tracking:
      The credit rating provided is a VantageScore 3.0 credit score based on Equifax data. Parties therefore are likely to utilize another type of credit score to assess your creditworthiness and utilize different types of credit scores.
    • 401(k) & Investment Activity Alerts
    • Bank Account Takeover & New Account Alerts
    • File-Sharing Network Searches
    • Sex Offender Registry Reports
    • Priority Live Member Service

Then if you opt for the $5.99 LifeLock Junior plan for your child, they get these attributes:

  • LifeLock Identity Alert® System
  • Dark Internet Monitoring
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • Stolen Funds Reimbursement
  • Credit File Detection
  • Identity Restoration Support
  • Coverage For Lawyers And Pros
  • File-Sharing Network Searches

This is definitely the most impressive onslaught of child ID theft characteristics you’ll find in almost any protection plan. It’s possible to get nearly the same level of security from IdentityProtect and Identity Force. However, you need to know that LifeLock is still quite somewhat better. Andthey cover more potential dangers although they will probably not take place in the first location.

When you choose LifeLock you are paying for the caliber support and system. It is efficient and of what they do, a lot would be managed in live-time. That is exactly what makes it possible to use the service to thwart a identity fraud attempt off.

Naturally, it’s just as essential that the parents have high quality protection and LifeLock is best-in-class at that. So you don’t have anything to be concerned about, except for its higher price because LifeLock is really the best ID theft company in the industry. Making LifeLock Junior the best paid children’s identity theft security program. \

Disclaimer: “Service Guarantee advantages for State of New York members have been supplied under a Master Insurance Policy issued by State National Insurance Company. Gains for all other members are supplied under a Master Insurance Policy underwritten by United Specialty Insurance Company. Beneath the Service Guarantee LifeLock will spend up to employ specialists to help your recovery. Please see the policy for terms, conditions and exclusions at”

3) Identity Force — An Affordable Alternative Worth Looking At

Identity Force After Login Screen

If you would like the utmost affordability for your family’s identity theft protection plan, subsequently Identity Force is an excellent alternative . Their children’s protection plans operate just $2.75 a month, which makes it one of the least expensive choices around. And they are ranked well anyhow , so you are getting quality ID protection for yourself (and your partner) in a very low cost.

However, Identity Force does have a few downfalls. In comparison to one place, IdentityProtect and LifeLock it inferior is in customer support. You will not be able to access 24/7 help, which can be a large point that is weak.

Identity Force’s Strategies and Pricing

Identity Force ID Protection Plans with Monthly Pricing

Identity Force has just two different protection plans to select from, one for only ID protection and another for identity theft and credit monitoring. Here is how they cost out:

  • Identity Force UltraSecure costs $17.95 per month / $179.50 annually
  • Identity Force UltraSecure + Charge prices $23.95 a month / $239.50 annually
  • Identity Force ChildWatch prices $2.75 a month / $27.50 annually

What Features Does Identity Force Include?

For the adult’s protection, Identity Force UltraSecure Provides you:

  • Bank accounts and credit card monitoring,
  • Real-time identity theft alerts,
  • Public records scanning,
  • Dark Web searches,
  • 24/7 live restoration help, and,
  • $1 million in identity theft insurance.

If you go for the Complete package with Identity Force UltraSecure + Charge , you’ll also receive:

  • Daily tri-bureau credit monitoring,
  • Tri-bureau credit reports and scores,
  • Your credit score every month, and,
  • A’What If’ credit score simulator.

Their kids add-on is called’ChildWatch’ and it includes these features:

  • Real-time identity theft alerts,
  • Fraudulent activity monitoring,
  • 24/7 ID restoration assistance, and,
  • $1 million in identity theft insurance.

Identity Force Has Existed since 1978. They have been BBB licensed since 2007 and currently they hold an”A+” rating. There are endless positive Identity Force reviews on the Web, including many on and on the Better Business Bureau website.

The fantastic thing is that you just get the majority of the characteristics you would in LifeLock Ultimate Plus if you go with this Identity Force Ultimate program. Than you’d with LifeLock, you get more credit score and report access through Identity Force. However, their credit tracking features are somewhat more limited than what you get with LifeLock Ultimate Plus.

In the end, Identity Force has a system which claims to do pretty much exactly the same as what LifeLock does. In reality, there are some attributes that Identity Force provides that LifeLock doesn’t, but LifeLock has a proven record thus far.

Betting on Identity Force is not a dreadful idea, don’t be fooled by what we’re saying here… we just KNOW that LifeLock has quality solutions, while it seems that Identity Force does also!

Child Identity Theft FAQ

Child identification theft is a confusing thing. If you want more information on this, then we recommend you read the following post: 10 Tips to Make Sure Your Child’s Identity Stays Safe

Apart from this, we’ll also add a few answers to common queries. If you still are not sure what the response is to what you are attempting to find out, feel free to comment and ask in the comments below.

What can you do if your child’s identity gets stolen?

First you have to get in touch with each of the 3 major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion). You will notify them regarding the issue and then they will ask more information. At the exact same time, you would like to acquire a copy of your child’s credit report from each of the three bureaus to see the magnitude of the damage.

Some things you might need to supply include: your kid’s Social Security card, an official photo ID of your personal, a bill or statement revealing your speech, and your child’s birth certificate naming you as among the parents. Once you do this, file an Identity Theft Report with the FTC.

You’ll also be asking from the bureaus which they eliminate all of the credit report entries which were not supposed to be on their document. Including any reports or debts tied to Social Security number or your kid’s name.

Next, it’s important to place a protracted (7-year) fraud alert to your kid’s credit report. This will let creditors know your child was a victim of identity theft before. So if there is a re-attack attempted, it’s not as likely to cause anybody any harm.

How do you further stop your kid from getting victimized?

The single-most effective approach to stop identity theft, whether you’re a child or an adult, is to put a security freeze on your credit report. From making a inquiry on your 17, this will prevent new creditors and credit card issuers. They need the bureau’s permission (that you must authorize on behalf of your child) so as to view your creditworthiness. Therefore, that a fraudster won’t be able to open a new account below your children’s name.

Placing a credit freeze is a cost-efficient approach to put an end to most identity theft dangers. However, the laws for all these freezes do vary by state, as do the costs. You can take a look at our webpage on’the Credit Freeze Laws, State-by-State‘ to learn what applies for where you live.

How Frequently Do Minors Become Identity Theft Victims?

Roughly 1 in 10 kids become the victim of identity theft before they turn legal age. This is an alarming amount and the speed is growing by the year. A huge reason for this is the new methods for information to be accumulated; the Internet in particular makes it effortless to acquire personal data.

This really is also so high because no one really thinks about their kid having their identity stolen. But it happens all of the time for a means to open credit cards and to take out loans that are fraudulent.

Occasionally a child’s identity is stolen by somebody who understands the child, like a parent or other relative. A situation such as this usually occurs when the individual cannot start a utility or service in their name, so that they use the child’s credentials (and efficiently steal their identity) as a workaround.

How Do Identity Theft Protection Help?

The most useful part of ID protection is that the real-time tracking it offers. Now bear in mind that some businesses do not really offer you real-time protection. The ProtectMyID of experian is one of these. That is why we recommend one of the top 3 providers. You certainly want to go with LifeLock either IdentityProtect or Identity Force to keep your family safe.

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