Is Identity Guard Costco for You — Let’s Review It!


At October 2015, they have changed to offer protection services under the CSID brand; they’re no longer affiliated with Identity Guard at all. Your Costco card now gains you access to policy that is even cheaper, read our overview of the ID Protect through CSID of Costco!

Below is our original review discussing how great Costco’s Identity Guard strategy is, however this was before the supplier change. Please bear in mind: the comments below do not apply to their CSID sponsored policy offer. You can read our review of the plan that is new here.

Our Original Costco Identity Guard Review

Did you know that Costco provides the members credit monitoring and identity theft protection solutions at a discount of it? When signing up for Identity Guard’s Total Protection plan, that is correct, Costco members save up to 50%.

With that said, there are dozens of Associates of credit monitoring and identity theft policy. You can discover these service through financial institutions and banks. One of the three big credit bureaus, even Equifax, offers paid protection.

So, what actually makes Costco’s Identity Guard providers better?

  • Heavy reduction on monthly expenses, which may run up to $29.99 a month.
  • Stronger review history compared to any additional credit and identity tracking program around.
  • Comprehensive coverage which will not leave you paying out of pocket, as a result of this whopping $1 million in identity theft insurance.


A Quick Overview of Identity Guard Costco’s Total Protection

Costco’s Total Protection program is a sort of coverage that is comprehensive. You have protection against identity fraud, credit fraud and theft, and much more. Additionally, on top of your credit report, you always have the option to keep using their caliber credit tracking.

You never have to worry about your credit report. Costco’s Identity Guard Total Production bundle supplies you with scores and credit reports four times a year. Even better, these TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.

The Advantages of Costco Identity Guard’s Plan

  • Credit monitoring & alarms
  • $1 million identity theft insurance
  • Lost pocket security
  • Victim recovery service
  • Internet Surveillance
  • Public listing report

That is only the beginning, you get all you’d need in both a credit monitoring and identity theft plan. Additionally, the Costco Identity Guard app takes the hassle out of viewing your credit report and individuality. You sign in through the login screen of the app, and you have. Set up alerts to your cellphone, and you have 24/7 monitoring long as your phone is with you.

Is Costco’s Total Protection Plan Right For You?

You have to review all that comes with Costco’s Total Protection plan before knowing if it’s appropriate for your needs. However, most are satisfied with what they get for the purchase price. The discount for Costco members is shocking, amounting to 50 percent off for people with Executive memberships.

An Executive member can pick up their comprehensive protection package for a mere $9.99 a month. Gold star and business associates just have to pay $13.49 a month for policy. The amount of coverage you get is the exact same for every Costco membership degree. As such, you may even assert a Costco membership update. Executive members pay $55 but with the protection plan, that cost would fall to $13 a year. Insert the 2% annual rewards factor, and you could argue that your policy costs nothing!

Could You Trust Costco’s Identity Theft Protection?

Identity Shield stays an A+ BBB rating.

Their security services are offered by costco . Identity Guard today has millions of users that were subscribed, and first started out in 1996.

Identity theft protection which works is offered by costco. In addition to that, you don’t ever have to worry about if an issue comes up if you can rely on the company. They’ve a toll-free telephone number to phone, which will be accessible from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. EST Monday to Friday, and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST on Saturday.

Your stay is made by the usage of bank-level encryption. Further, their site is PCI-compliant, so that you know your payment information is safe. When the Heartbleed insect endangered popular websites, Identity Guard’s manhood pool remained unaffected. Their yearly SSL license exceeds $1,000 for a year of certification. When requesting sensitive information, they frequently ask for the last four letters or digits.

Are There Any Costco Identity Guard Complaints?

It’s also true that 100 percent of it’s users can’t ever satisfy As soon as it’s rare to hear of complaints from Costco members who have used this service. It’s always a good idea for Costco members to first run the free trial. This way, you know what to expect before you do dish out the $9.99 per month for your own subscription.

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