Medical Identity Theft: 100% Facts!

You walk into a government building.

The lady greeting you would like to know your entire name.

Nextshe asks for your address.

All of a sudden, she desires your Social Security Number.

Now hold up… wait a second!


Javelin Strategy & Research conducted a study in 2009, in which it was found that medical identification fraud price victims nearly triple that of normal identity theft approaches . In fact, the true out-of-pocket prices to sufferers were seven times larger compared to all other types of identity fraud victims.

Thus, why are we so trusting in our government? The stats speak volumes to the identity theft epidemic that’s playing out.

It all goes to prove that we, as Americans, cannot assume our identities are secure. This means we will need to educate ourselves on how to prevent identity theft attacks before they occur.

That is not simple, when the system that is there to protect us can turn their backs and destroy us at the blink of an eye.

Medical Identity Theft is a Real Threat!

You may shrug your shoulders identity theft and think that it won’t ever happen to you. That is what lots of victims thought.

When it comes to medical identity theft, it’s like getting chosen for jury duty. You never know if it is the turn, but after it happens, you can’t get from it.


So, what’s really causing such well-authorized medical systems to be this vulnerable to manipulation? You would think, in today’s day and age, that our government would be in a position to patch some spots easily. The stats show a continued increase in medical identity theft victims year-over-year.

In fact, this recent study shows enormous growth in cases of identity theft.


Easy sufficient to complete, medical identification theft is NO laughing matter!

You must protect yourself now!

The Definition: Medical Identity Theft Explained

Individuals read”medical identity theft” in two distinct manners.

1) They see it as a identity thief using medical databases to unlawfully obtain advice for the purpose of defrauding others.

2) They view it as the way in which the fraudster benefited from the offense, like by putting a dental bill in somebody else’s name.

Regardless, medical identification theft is defined as any type of identity fraud orchestrated around medical environments. Both classifications are true, but you can assume many on the grounds of identity thieves abusing medical databases will mention medical identification theft.

How Medical Identity Theft Works

In most cases, a medical identification theft takes place following a state health board staff member used their database accessibility for bad. Their access would make it possible for them to grab the personal identifying data of upwards of millions of possible victims.

Most medical files contained a considerable quantity of information. The bare necessities for all these records tended to incorporate the person’s birth date, address, full name, and contact number. The vast majority of databases, whether medical insurance or state health established, also included the individual’s Social Security Number. A nice number of those databases also held payment information.

This implies any server or database compromise needs to be taken serious. The info that gets obtained may be used at any moment for identification fraud. This is the reason those who might have had their information deciphered should invest in identity theft protection services. It serves allowing for early detection if a criminal does your information to abuse.

As it’s really a bet whether you become a victim or not, it’s almost become second nature to rely on identity theft protection. The truth is at the amounts, and the endless victim attacks that are multi-million go to show that it is just a matter of time before you’re also a victim.

The 5 Largest U.S. Medical Identity Theft Attacks

Most reported breaches took place at the state level, but have a peek below to get an idea on the magnitude of damage from the five largest medical identity thefts up to now.

The Premera Blue Cross Hack (Jan 2015) — 11 million victims

More than 10 million Americans were affected by the Premera Blue Cross hack. The tapped information contained birth dates, bank account information, full names, addresses, Social Security Numbers, and records. It was approximated that roughly six million of those victims were residents of Washington State.

The Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield Hack (Sept 2015) — 10 million victims

Over 10 million Americans were impacted by the Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield hack. The exploited information contained addresses, full names, birth dates, phone numbers, claim and payment details, and Social Security Numbers. Throughout the attack, the credit card information of victims got compromised.

The Community Health Systems Crack (June 2014) — 4.5 million victims

More than 4.5 million Americans were impacted by that the Community Health Systems hack. The exploited information included Social Security Numbers, addresses, and names. The breach took place between April and June and changed files.

The UCLA Health System Hack (July 2015) — 4.5 million sufferers

Up to 4.5 million Americans were affected by that the UCLA Health Systems hack on . The information contained full names, birth dates, health coverage and Medicare numbers, medical records, and Social Security Numbers. The follow-up evaluation lead to the decision that acceptable efforts weren’t created by UCLA.

Just how Serious of a Threat Is Medical Identity Theft?

The stats seem loud and clear.

Above you saw 100 million Americans, more than a third of those U.S. inhabitants, become changed as a consequence of merely one of five security breaches in the last year. It follows that, if you enjoy hearing it or not, medical identification theft poses a serious threat to the protection of your identity.

In case you have identity theft protection, you are not going to need to raise any eyebrows and wonder whether your identity is safe from these risks. It’s always possible your identity will probably get tapped, but your defense plan will pay for legwork and your identity recovery costs.

Of course, you need to be dreading a possible medical identification theft attack if you do not have sufficient protection. This sort of identity theft method is known for having a higher out-of-pocket loss than other forms. An identity theft security program may not even cover all that a medical identity fraud scenario could cause you to.

Nevertheless, you can’t stop a state health board staff member from accessing your personal data and using it for illegal reasons. It’s the inevitable kind of identity theft because you can not just avoid giving that your information to pharmacies, hospitals and practices there’s.

Before this year, Forbes discovered clinical identity theft has slowed through the last few years and continues to become a more significant threat in the current society. One of the points is that, when a state health board database becomes breached, the criminal would obtain enough information whenever he or she wanted, to defraud the victims. Only the list of names, addresses, and Social Security Numbers would be of abusable, and use, for a long time.

Though, medical identity theft is not a new discovery and it’s been flagged as a growing threat for a couple of decades now. composed on the subject annually , providing some good insight about why medical identity theft stats are just getting worse.

Conclusion: Medical Identity Theft Really Sucks!

It’s the one type of identity theft you can’t prevent.

However much identity theft protection can help, there’s little you can do when the criminals are hand-fed the undermining information. All you can do is attempt to lessen the amount. Or, hope your luck doesn’t run out and you bypass one of attacks that take place each and every year.

We really need to assist you maintain your identity secure, however this is 1 place where not sound advice can help!

If you had it your way, what could you suggest that the government does to put a stop to medical identity theft in the mass scale?

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