What Business Delivers the Cheapest Identity Theft Protection Service 2019?

There’s a lot that may be located in identity theft coverage that is economical. Many companies offer similar bundles, usually a”Fundamental” one and a”Premium”, occasionally including a centre package.

Some advantages to basic packages include:

  • The very low cost. The best bundle are around that adds up fast and $20 a month. If all you have is $ 10 a month you will be helped by these packages.
  • Avoiding features you don’t need. Premium bundles have a plethora.

However, don’t let these”fundamental” packs fool you. The majority of them are only upsells for their bigger offerings and don’t actually help protect you against much… unless you update.

Most of them are just not very reliable. In our other testimonials, we talk about the services since their fundamental packages are just not worth the cost!

Just because a plan is the most affordable, or even free, doesn’t indicate that it gives you the most”bang for your buck”. You only need to use services that are valuable , especially if you only have $10 to pay!

Therefore, what’s the best”basic” package on the market? Which company provides the most value for your buck?

So who offers the cheapest and reliable identity theft security service for 2016?

Elite Personal Finance Picks:

Identity Guard Essentials: The Cheapest Identity Theft Protection Service

Cost: $9.99/month and one month free trial!

That’s appropriate. Identity Guard, one of our very best pick on the Top 10 Best Companies list, is that our only favorite’basic’ package for many reasons… but there is one fundamental reason.

The majority of the so-called’identity theft protection’ services are credit monitoring services in disguise.

Take the fundamental offering of TrustedID. TrustedID provides some theft security, but their main characteristic is credit monitoring.

Credit tracking protects against a kind of fraud!

Guard Basics doesn’t offer credit monitoring. Credit tracking is bundled with their Total Protection program. However, if you would like credit monitoring for no additional price, check out Credit or Quizzle Sesame. They’ll offer the exact same credit monitoring which you can expect from companies that provide it.

What Identity Guard Essentials Offers

So, before we move on, for all these of those who are curious, please check our full Identity Guard Review that’s all of their plans.

We are going to go over everything you need it, and that you will be given by IG Essentials. They include:

  • Social Security Number Tracking: This feature exhibits many online databases such as banks and loan servicer databases, always searching them to your SSN. IG will alert you Should it come up and you’ll be able to make your next steps when it’s there fraudulently.
  • Black Market Site Surveillance: IG may utilize Internet searches continuously to your own personal info, checking to see if your identity is for sale. So that you may create your next decisions, if it’s found, you are alerted.
  • ID Verification Notifications: When some of your bank account have advice that has been changed, such as passwords or addresses, you’ll be notified to confirm what happened wasn’t accidental. Not all accounts send alerts to confirm address changes!
  • Account Takeover Alerts: When it is discovered that your bank account was taken over, you will be alerted so you can take prompt action.
  • Identity Fraud Assistance: You are going to be able to utilize Identity Guard’s aid, backed by specialists in the business of fraud protection. You can go straight to IG for support, When anything is caught by the alerts.
  • Lost Wallet Protection: If your wallet ends up lost or stolen, our service team can allow you to cancel all your credit cards and stop any theft from happening on them. You will also receive assistance with your credit report and, if you want cash, money is going to be withdrawn and delivered to you by email.
  • Password Protection with ID Vault: ID Vault is their proprietary applications that encrypts your passwords and allows you to get them quite easily. You may log in to your accounts.
  • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance: If you have to spend money on lawyer fees, in the event that you lost any cash from your accounts, or if you have to take some time off work, IG will refund you up to $1 million for any expenses incurred due to the fraud.

Identity Protect Principles vs. Lifelock Standard vs. TrustedID IDEssentials

There are lots of low cost services but we are going to be comparing IG Essentials together with the offerings from the very well-known firms: Lifelock and TrustedID.

We are going to be comparing Identity Guard Essentials with TrustedID IDEssentials as well as with Lifelock Standard.


  • Social Security Tracking . Instead, Lifelock supplies a proprietary monitoring service called”Identity Alert”. It is good, don’t get us wrong. However, it does not operate within the reach of Social Security Number monitoring. Lifelock Standard Protection will not be able to tell you, if anyone is using your SSN to get credit, advantages, or whatever else which is in your name. IG Essentials, however, will.
  • A powerful password protector special to Identity Guard. Lifelock does not provide password protection software, which leaves you open and vulnerable to burglars on the Internet. IG Essentials provides this right out of the box. You can use this password shield to utilize only the most powerful passwords (the longer, the better) and never have to remember long strings of numbers and letters.

Lifelock Standard is a good offering and you can get it here. However, it is beaten by Identity Guard on two extremely important aspects: protecting the piece of advice, and keeping your name safe.

TrustedID is another solution. It is among the greatest companies around with an excellent offering for $15.

However, it offers credit monitoring, and little extra protection.

Credit monitoring may be free from Quizzle. If you don’t would like more tracking that MyFico offers, you don’t require extra aid for credit tracking.

Not only this, but TrustedID doesn’t offer a trial period and prices more.

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